Sample Apps

This section introduces various sample applications which are published to external sites with complete source code and explanation.


    Square Demo

    A sample app with payment option supported by Square services


    Chat Box

    A conversational app based on Google's using Angular 1 and Onsen UI v2.


    Twitter Single Sign-on App

    A sample app using Native Twitter authentication with Angular 1 and Onsen UI


    Facebook Single Sign-on App

    A sample app using Native Facebook authentication with Angular 1 and Onsen UI


    Push Notification Demo

    A sample app using OneSignal push notification feature with Angular 1 and Onsen UI


    AdMob Demo

    An app integrating the mobile ads networking called AdMob with Monaca



    An app showing a list of Pokemon based on the great PokéAPI


    Youtube Jukebox

    An app using the YouTube Data API v3 to fetch videos and display them


    Onsen Places

    An app using the Foursquare API and Google Static Maps API to create a Places App with Onsen UI and AngularJS


    Onsen World Population

    An app using NVD3's reusable charts based on the D3 data visualization library

  • Onsen Weather

    A weather app using Onsen UI and React

  • Kintone App

    A app integrating Kintone with Monaca to create a sales records management system

  • AR with Wikitude

    An AR app using Wikitude

  • Google Maps

    An simple app embeded Google Maps


    Hello World App

    A Core Cordova Plugins Demo showing several device functionalities.


    RSS Reader Example

    RSS reader sample app made of jQuery Mobile


    Memo Application

    Simple memo app on top of jQuery Mobile and localStorage


    Break the Bricks

    A sample game allowing the player to controll a paddle to prevent a ball from falling while trying to clear the bricks


    Backend Memo

    A sample application allowing a user to create a memo app using Monaca Backend API


    Flickr Sample

    A sample app retrieving pictures from Flickr and displaying them as a slide show


    TODO App

    A sample application allowing you to add a todo list


    Train Catalog

    A train catalog displaying the types trains towards Tokaido and Tohoku areas


    Clock App

    A clock app displaying the current date and time using a simple animation


    BirthYear App

    The app to calculate someone's birthyear


    Omikuji Fortune Telling

    A Japanese fortune telling app



    A sample app handling a basic usage of iBeacon devices