An error object containing error code and message.


Name Type Description
code Number Error code
message String Error reason(always in English)
data JSON object If the error code is -32602 (Invalid params), this object contains validation error messages for each invalid parameters.

List of Errors

These are general errors found in Monaca. Other errors are explained in each Backend API section.

Code Type Message Description
-32700 JSON-RPC Spec. PARSE ERROR Invalid JSON was received by the server. An error occurred on the server while parsing the JSON text.
-32603 JSON-RPC Spec. INTERNAL ERROR Internal JSON-RPC error
-32602 JSON-RPC Spec. INVALID PARAMS Invalid method parameter(s)
-32601 JSON-RPC Spec. METHOD NOT FOUND The method does not exist / is not available.
-32600 JSON-RPC Spec. INVALID REQUEST The JSON request is not a valid Request object.
-13 Client Program INVALID_STATUS_CODE Server sent invalid status code
-12 Client Program INVALID_RESPONSE Server sent invalid response
-11 Client Program CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT Server connection timed out
4 Cloud API API_KEY_INVALID Cloud API Key or Cloud ID invalid
10 Cloud API SESSION_ID_INVALID Session id format invalid
11 Cloud API USER_LOGIN_REQUIRED User login is required
12 Cloud API DEVICE_ID_REQUIRED Device ID must be specified to use this method. All methods requires a device ID.
13 Cloud API OPERATION_INVALID Invalid operation
14 Cloud API PERMISSION_DENIED Permission denied
9999 Cloud API CALL_LIMIT_EXCEEDED Monthly API call limit exceeded. (The call limit is applied on the Basic, Personal and Gold plan only.)
Code number from 10000 will be reserved for User Defined Error(s).

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