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Crosswalk Plugin (Android Only)

Tested Version: 2.3.0

This document is based on the original Cordova docs available at Cordova Docs .

This plugin makes your Cordova application uses the Crosswalk WebView instead of the System WebView.

What is Crosswalk?

There are many versions of Android from many manufacturers, this makes it very difficult to develop a Cordova app that works consistently across all versions of Android. WebView version affects display and some operations on a device. Until Android 4.4, WebView upgrade can only be done through OS upgrade. When most of these devices cannot be upgraded, they are stuck using outdated Android WebViews. Crosswalk can solve this problem.

Crosswalk is a web runtime based on Google Chromium and has better HTML5 feature support compared to the default WebView available in Android. By upgrading the version of Crosswalk, Chromium version will also be upgraded. This insures that your app works consistently, regardless of the device manufacturer or Android version found in your customer’s Android 4.0+ device.

Plugin ID


Supported Platforms

  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • Cordova 5.2 or higher

Adding the Plugin in Monaca

In order to use this plugin, you need to enable Crosswalk plugin in Monaca Cloud IDE first.

  1. From Monaca Cloud IDE, go to Config → Cordova Plugins .
  2. Enable the Crosswalk WebView Engine (see the screenshot below).

  3. After enabling the Crosswalk WebView Engine, you need to config the architecture type of the plugin by clicking on Configure button.

  4. Then, the following dialog will appear. Select the architecture type of the plugin and click OK.

You can change both plugin version or Crosswalk version. However, not all version combination between the two are applicable. To guarantee the stability of your application, we highly recommend you to use the default Crosswalk plugin set by Monaca.

Pros and Cons of Crosswalk Plugin

Advantages Disadvantages
  • WebView installed on each device has the same version. The problem due to different operations of API has been solved.

  • The latest version of WebView (Android 4 is not supported) is being used, performance improvement is expected.
  • Building a Crosswalk app results in 2 APK files: one arm and one for x86 CPU architecture. Both of them need to be uploaded to GooglePlay.

  • When there is bugs in Crosswalk (Chromium), all devices will be having the same bugs.

  • App size can be +20MB bigger.

  • When there is a serious bug occurs in Crosswalk, the app might stop working until it is solved.

  • If there is vulnerability occurrs in Crosswalk(Chromium), there will be a warning in Google Play that the app may be publicly unavailable.

  • For Android 5.0 or higher, WebView is made as another app, so it will always needed to be updated. Therefore, Crosswalk’s WebView version maybe out of dated.

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