Version control is a management tool that helps manage the changes to your project’s source code and other collections of information. Usually, changes are determined by a revision code which is comprised of numbers and/or letters. With version control, revision history can easily be tracked, compared against, restored and merged to control the whole set of your source code. Additionally, version control systems provide is the ability to allow multiple team members or individuals to collaborate and maintain tracking over the source code.

Version Control is available within Monaca Cloud IDE with user-friendly interface. There are many version control systems. Currently Monaca Cloud IDE supports the integration of GitHub and any Git services using SSH. If you integrate your Monaca project to your repository, you can simply manage your source code right away from Monaca Cloud IDE.

In this section, we will guide you on how to integrate your Monaca project to GitHub or any Git services using SSH. Then, you will learn how to configure your Monaca project with a repository.

Generally, you can only connect to public repositories. However, with a valid Monaca subscription plan, you can additionally connect to private repositories. Please refer to Monaca Subscription Plan .

There are two ways to integrate your Monaca account with a Git service: