Deploy to Firebase

Deploy to Firebase is available only for PWA-built applications.


For deployment, you need to prepare project ID andAPI token.

How to get Project ID

  1. At Firebase Console, Create new project.
  2. The project ID is displayed in the red frame below.

How to Get API Token

  1. Install Firebase CLI according to the Firebase CLI Guide.
  2. After install Firebase CLI、Get the token with the following command.

    firebase login:ci

Register Deploy Service

You are ready to add Firebase infomation to Monaca. Please do as follows:

  1. From Monaca Cloud IDE menu, go to Configure → Deploy Services .

  2. Click on Add Deploy Service.

  3. Select Firebase and fill in the required information such as

    • Config Alias: a unique identifier for each service.
    • API Token: API Token provided by Firebase.
    • Project ID: Project ID displayed on Firebase console.
  4. Then, click on Add.

Start Deployment

Using the registered deployment service, We can start deploying the build app to Firebase.

  1. Please refer to Building for PWA for the build procedure.

  2. After the build is completed, navigate to the build result page.

  3. Execute the deployment from the build result page. Since the registered deployment services show up at the bottom of the page, click any services of your choices to start the distribution process.

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