Changes in the New Cloud IDE

Recently, we are just rolling out the new Monaca Cloud IDE. Even though it is not the default IDE yet, you can switch between the new and old IDE. The main changes in the new IDE are as follows:

  1. Some menu items are changed such as:

    • Monaca Backend tab from the File Tree panel has been moved to header menu and labeled as Backend.
    • Editor Configuration menu item has been moved under File menu.
    • Build menu item has been renamed to App.
    • Application and Build settings from the Config menu item has been moved to the new App menu item.
    • Support & Service Overview is removed from Help & Support menu item.
  2. Ace Editor, which is used in the old IDE, is replaced by the CodeMirror Editor. With this replacement, the following shortcut keys are changed. For a complete list of the shortcut keys for both old and new IDE, please refer to Editor Shortcuts.

    Description Windows/Linux Mac
    Redo Ctrl + Y Shift + Command + Z or Command + Y
    Search Next Ctrl + G Command + G
    Search Previous Shift + Ctrl + G Shift + Command + G
    Replace Shift + Ctrl + F Command + Alt + F
    Replace All Shift + Ctrl + R Command + Shift + Alt + F
    Comment Out Ctrl + / Command + /
    Comment In Ctrl + / Command + /