Building for PWA

Step 1: Configure App

  1. From the Monaca Cloud IDE menu, go to Configure → App Settings for PWA .
  2. Fill in the necessary information of your app:

    • Application information:

      Name The application name.
      Short Name The name is used in places where there is not enough space to display the full name (such as home screen).
      Description General description of the application.
      Language The language to use for name members and short_name members.
      Text Direction The writing direction of the text.
      Scope Define the navigation range of the website. With this setting you can restrict which web pages can be displayed. If the user accesses outside the range, it will transition to the normal web page.
      Start URL The URL to be loaded when launching the application.
    • Application Display Preference

      Display The display mode of the application. The default is standalone to display like a native app.
      Orientaion The display orientation of the screen.
      Background Color The background color of the splash screen.
      Theme Color The color of the status bar.
    • App Icon

      You can set the application icon. Each size Icons are automatically generated from one image. The icons are used as displayed on the home screen or as displayed on the splash image.

  3. After finishing the configurations, click Save.

Step 2: Start Building

  1. From the Monaca Cloud IDE menu, go to BuildBuild App for PWA.
  2. Select appropriate type of build you want and click Start Build.

  3. It may take several minutes for the build to complete. Please wait. Once the build is completed, your built app is ready to be downloaded/distributed. See below screenshot as an example:

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