Monaca Debugger for Chrome Apps

Monaca Backend plugin is not included in Monaca Debugger.

Chrome Apps are web apps running by Chrome Engine. The installed Chrome Apps can also be used offline. All Chrome Apps are published in Chrome Web Store.


  1. You can install Monaca debugger for Chrome Apps via Chrome Web Store. Or from Monaca Cloud IDE menu, go to Debug → Setup Monaca Debugger → Debugger for Chrome Apps .

  2. Click on ADD TO CHROME button to add Monaca Debugger to your Chrome.

  3. Then, a dialog will appear. Click Add app button to finalize the installation process.

Running Monaca Debugger

  1. From the bookmarks bar, click on Apps or go to chrome://apps from the address bar. A list of installed Chrome Apps will appear.

  2. You can also use Chrome App Launcher to access all of your Chrome Apps right from your desktop. You can install Chrome App Launcher from Chrome Web Store.

  3. After launching the app, log into Monaca with your Monaca account. Then, the list of your Monaca projects will be shown in the debugger.

  4. You can now select a project to run in the debugger. If it’s the first time you run that project, you will be asked to set a working directory representing a location to store your downloaded projects from the cloud.

  5. Wait for the selected project to be downloaded. When the download is completed, the following screen will appear.

  6. Open Chrome browser and go to chrome://extensions from the address bar. Then, go to the downloaded project folder. Then, drag and drop that folder into Chrome Extensions page.

  7. Now your app is installed and ready to launch. Click Launch to run the app.

  8. It can also be found in Chrome App Launcher.

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