Getting Started

There is a growing need for mobile apps to have user management functions which allow users to register and keep their data in a database. Monaca Backend provides these functionalities in advance as a cloud-based service that can manage users without a need for server-side development on the client’s part.

In order to add Monaca Backend into your Monaca project, please do as follows:

  1. From Monaca Cloud IDE menu, click on Backend. Then, Monaca Backend will be open in a new tab.

  2. Click on Create and use the Monaca Backend button.

  3. The following dialog will appear. You can create a new Backend, or select an existing one which is used in a different project. Then, click Apply to attach the Backend to your project.

  4. After attaching the Backend, the Backend Control panel will appear. Within this control panel, various Backend Operations can be done. These backend operations can also be done using Monaca Backend API.

  5. For a quick hands-on practice with Monaca Backend, please follow the Backend Memo tutorial.