Can I register the application made by Monaca to a marketplace (App Store/Google Play)?

Registration to a marketplace is evaluated according to the application’s purpose, development, etc. A submission for registration to the marketplace has never been rejected because the app was built using Monaca. In fact, many Monaca apps have been released. If the rejection has occurred because of Monaca, please contact us.

How to upload the built app for App Store submission?

There are two ways to upload the built app to App Store Connect for App Store submission:

  1. using Monaca Upload (requires a valid subscription plan)
  2. using Application Loader software (Mac OS X only)

Are there any examples of applications developed with Monaca that went through Apple’s review, and are actually available on the App Store?

Many applications have been published on the App Store so far.

I can’t successfully register the iOS app to App Store/I can’t pass the review.

There may be various reasons for this but most of them lie in the certificates, provisioning profile, and App ID. Please double-check the following points:

  • Are the established distribution certificate and provisioning profile currently valid on the Provisioning Portal?
  • Is the provisioing corresponded to the AppStore Distribution?
  • Are you using the latest version of the Application Loader?
  • In the case of uploading, are there any changes to the certificate and App ID from the previous version?

Using Monaca has never been the reason of a rejected review. If the review result was Incorrect API is used, please notify our support staff.

Application Loader raises following error when uploading iOS application.

If your app raised one of the following errors:

  • “Application failed codesign verification”
  • “The signature was invalid”
  • “Contains disallowed entitlements”
  • “It was not signed with an iPhone Distribution Certificate”.

Open Key Chain Access and delete certificates and private keys that have the same name.

Things to keep in mind when you register applications to the App Store

You can submit Monaca Apps to the App Store and many Monaca Apps have been accepted.

Apple judges applications based on whether their designing, operational feeling, and quality meet Apple’s standards or not. Apple will not reject registration requests for an application just because it relies heavily on WebView.

PhoneGap advice on dealing with Apple application rejections recommends the following points as the criterion to pass the screening by Apple:

  • Providing of user experiences that are appropriate to applications
  • Blending into the ecosystem of the iOS
  • Differentiating from the mobile Web experience.

Please refer to the above link for more details on what to keep in mind when developing applications that will pass the screening by Apple, so please refer to it when registering to the AppStore.

If your application is targeting for iOS 6.0 or newer, and using Web SQL Database, the files created by the database are stored in the iCloud by default (when BackupWebStorage parameter is set to cloud). In such case, your app may be rejected if you did not declare the app to use iCloud when submitting for App Store. Accordingly, Web SQL Database files will not be stored in the iCloud backup storage when BackupWebStorage parameter is set to none. If you want to backup your data to iCloud, please set the parameter to cloud.
For more detail, please refer BackupWebStorage in iOS Configuration File.

A warning is displayed when registering an apk file on Google Play Console

Google Play Console can register apk files and Android App Bundle files.

If a warning is displayed when registering the apk file, you can register it by clicking the CONFIRM button.