Repro (iOS only)

Repro is a service which provides the confirmation of how a user handles an application by recording the user’s actions. Currently, it supports iOS only.

This Repro service integration is available for all Monaca users. However, if you want to use the latest Repro plugin via GitHub , you can import it. In order to import this plugin, you need to subscribe to a valid plan. Please refer to Monaca Subscription Plans .

Adding Repro Service to Monaca

  1. For Monaca Cloud IDE, go to Configure → Service Integration Settings .

  2. Click on Details button of the Repro service.

  3. Then, click Install button to add it into your project.

  4. You will be asked to confirm the setup. Click OK to start the installation.

Configuring Repro Service in Monaca

You are required to have the app’s token in order to use Repro. In order to get the token, please do as follows:

  1. Register your app with Repro.
  2. Find the app’s token by going to Settings → Setup SDK .

  3. After you get the app’s token, replace it in the following snippet of onDeviceReady function. Then, add this snippet to your project.

    function onDeviceReady() {
For more information on how to use Repro, please refer to Repro Documentation .


You need to run your application on a real device for Repro to record your action.
  1. Build your Monaca app. Please refer to Building a Monaca App for iOS.
  2. Install the built app on a real device.
  3. Start using your app for a few seconds, then press Home button. Then, the recorded video will be uploaded to Repro server after your app go to the background.

  4. Repro will send you an email with a link to the recorded video.

Removing Repro Service from Monaca

  1. For Monaca Cloud IDE, go to Configure → Cordova Plugin Settings .

  2. Under Enabled Plugins section, hover over the Repro plugin and click Disable button.