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Monaca Secure Storage

This plugin provides an encrypted data storage function. If the application is uninstalled, saved data will also be deleted.


In order to use this plugin, you are required to subscribe to a valid plan. Please refer to Pricing.

Supported Platforms

  • Cordova 4.1 or later
  • iOS
  • Android

Encryption Scheme

Encryption Method AES
Key Length 256bit

Adding the Plugin in Monaca Cloud IDE

  1. From Monaca Cloud IDE menu, go to File ‣ Manage Cordova Plugins or Config ‣ Manage Cordova Plugins.
  2. Click Enable button of the Monaca Secure Storage to add it into your project.


Set Data

Save data into the storage by specifying the key and value. The boolean callback will notify whether the data is successfully saved (True) or failed to save (false).

plugins.secureStorage.setItem(key, value, function(result) {
   // result: true=success, false=error
Get Data

Retrieve data associated with the specified key. The callback will return the intended data if the key is found; otherwise, a null value will be return.

plugins.secureStorage.getItem(key, function(value) {
   // value: null = no such a value
Delete Data

Delete the data associated with a specified key. The boolean callback will notify whether the data deletion is successful (True) or failed (false).

plugins.secureStorage.removeItem(key, function(result) {
   // result: true=success, false=error
Delete All Data

Delete all data in the storage. The boolean callback will notify whether the data deletion is successful (True) or failed (false).

plugins.secureStorage.clear(function(result) {
   // result: true=success, false=error

App Store Submission

In this plugin, we use the encryption library of iOS SDK. Therefore, in order to release the built app embedded this plugin to the App Store, you need to set 2 options when you submit your app for a review. Under the Export Compliance section, please choose “Yes” for both questions as shown in the screenshot below: