Push Notification


For release and ad-hoc builds on Cordova 6.2 platform, please select the release build option when sending push notifications.

Below are Monaca Backend Management APIs for Push Notifications.

Method Description
Push.send() Send Push Notification
Push.status() Get Push Notification Status

Push.send - Send Push Notification

Send push notification to applications.


pushProjectId string Push Project ID
platform string User’s platform which can be "android" or "ios"
target string Type of end user which is "app".
buildType string Build type of the application which can be "debug" , "release" or "adhoc".
title string Title (Android only)
message string Message to send
badge   Badge (iOS only)
extra_json json JSON Data
userOidList array of string

Filter target users by their IDs. (Optional)

userQuery string

Filter target users by a MonaQL query for user properties. (Optional)

e.g. ‘country == “US” && age > 20’

userQueryBindParams array

Replace the placeholders in userQuery by its values. (Optional)

e.g. [“US”, 20] when userQuery is ‘country == ? && age > ?’

deviceIdList array of string

Filter target devices by its IDs. (Optional)


Please note that deviceIdList, userOidList and userQuery cannot be used at the same time.

Return Value
queueIdList A list of push queue id
Error Code

Errors are returned as Error object.

-32602 Invalid params

Push.status - Get Push Notification Status

Get push notification status.


pushProjectId string Push Project ID
queueId string Push queue ID (get this id from queueIdList)
Return Value
status Status (finish, etc.)
numTarget Number of all recipients
numPushed Number of success recipients
numFailed Number of failed recipients
createdAt Created time
pushStartedAt Started time
pushFinishedAt Finished time (regardless of success or failure)
Error Code

Errors are returned as Error object.

-32602 Invalid params

Push Project ID

Push project ID is an unique identifier for sending push notification to your app. You can easily find this ID with the following instruction:

  1. Go to Monaca Backend by clicking on a cloud icon in Monaca Cloud IDE.
  2. Then, click on setting icon and choose Backend Settings.... (See below screenshot)
  1. You will see a Backend Settings panel on the right side of the screen. Next, click on Push Notification. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see Push project ID of the current application. (See below)