Mailer allows to send emails to the users.

Method Description Send an email to a recipient


Send an email to a recipient.

Mailer.sendMail(userOid, templateName, substituteParams , [options]) : $.Promise


Name Type Description
userOid String The recipient user’s oid
templateName String The template Name
substituteParams JSON Object The placeholder names parameters used in the template
options.emailPropertyName JSON Object The property name to use for the email address (default: _username)

Return Value

Type Description
$.Promise object Use done(), fail() and always() methods to get results.

Errors Code

Errors are returned as Error object.

Code Description
-32602 Invalid params
-32603 Internal error (When the server failed to send mail)
11 User login is required.


The following sample denotes how to send an email using the template_a template. In this case, the name parameter is replaced by John in the message.

var username = 'John';"userOidA", "template_a", {"name": username})
    { /* What to do after sending an email is success. */ }

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